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​​​Our Vision

Studies have proven that racial disparities are real and persistent in health care.

Kaiser Permanente and UCSF seek to close the disparity between blacks and whites in hypertension control and to better understand why stroke rates are rising in young adults. Specifically, Bring It Down seeks to:

  • Test interventions for high blood pressure that are tailored to the black community, focusing on a diet and lifestyle intervention, and medication adherence;
  • Study a large population of Kaiser Permanente patients to better understand the causes and risk factors for strokes in the young, as well as the causes for disparities in stroke risk;
  • Analyze how adopting better prevention practices nationally would affect national stroke rates;
  • Educate physicians at UCSF, Kaiser Permanente and community clinics about state-of-the-art practices for stroke prevention and the role of racial-ethic disparities in clinical practice;
  • Rapidly disseminate the findings of these studies to community organizations that serve diverse populations in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Stroke Facts​​

Stroke is the fourth cause of mortality in the United States, and the number one cause of adult disability

The stroke rate more than doubled among young black adult members of Kaiser Permanente Northern California from 2000 to 2008

High blood pressure is the most important modifiable risk factor for stroke

Despite tremendous success in controlling high blood pressure for all members of Kaiser Permanente Northern California, a 5% disparity persists between black and white members

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