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Voices of Young Strokes​​

Prince Quire's Stroke Story
"My kids, they were happy when I came home and when th​ey see me exercising and trying to eat right, you know, they encourage me, and I try to get them encourage, also so we can do this together."

Rebuilding a life after stroke
"The care of stroke is very very time dependent, so minutes count. So the saying in stroke treatment is time is brain. Just like a heart attack, the sooner treatment can be started the better the outcome."

Spot a Stroke FAST with the American Heart Association and Kaiser Permanente
"Do you know how to identify the symptoms of a stroke? Did you know what strokes can happen at any age? Just remember the acronym F-A-S-T."

 American Stroke Association - Stroke Survivor Story - Anna
"When you're twenty four years old you don't think you're having a stroke."

Tia Timpson: Stroke Survivor
"I had a massive stroke two years ago when I was 20 years old. Because I was so young I didn't have the typical risk factors."

American Stroke Association - Stroke Survivor Story - Jessica
"And from there it was just a long road to recovery, learning to talk again, to walk again, learning to drive again and all the regular things you do in regular life."

Gale's stroke story
"I'm here today because somebody called 911 for me and got me to the hospital within 5 minutes."

Katie Castrovinci Gioello Stroke Story
"I went to the doctor and they misdiagnosed me with Bell's palsy, thinking that I was too young for a stroke. They even said multiple times, there is no way that I had stroke, because I was, at the time, 19."

Family Is Why We Fight Stroke
"We attribute the success of my sister getting the treatment right away, and being here today surviving the stroke, to my mother knowing the signs of the stroke. One of things she did, the first thing she actually did is she remained calm and she called 911 right away because she recognized the signs that this is of stroke coming on."

Stroke Survivor Veronica Aguilar Is Thankful for Kaiser Permanente Care
"It's important to know that it is possible to have strokes at younger ages now."​

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